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Custom-made tables, cutting boards and wooden furnishings

VUD is a place that collects ideas and insights and transforms them into durable wooden objects with a modern and functional style. Things to become attached to.

Alongside custom-made furniture and furnishing accessories in our carpentry workshop, you can find a constantly changing selection of objects from our favorite brands.

Vud Cutting Boards

Our flagship product.
Each series has its own style and multiple sizes.
From €14


The woods we use

We work with various species of wood. Each has its own characteristics that need to be known and respected.

Acacia, maple, hornbeam, chestnut, cherry, beech, ash, walnut, elm, pear, oak

Our Studio-Workshop in Trieste

We transform intuitions into design products using traditional craftsmanship techniques.


Vud Loves

Furnish your home with style with objects from both VUD and beyond.

Vud Blog

Updates, curiosities, events and products that we want to tell you about.

Balcony outdoor collection by HAY

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec design their second outdoor furniture collection for HAY.

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A special kokeshi

As soon as we got our hands on this doll, we thought it was by a contemporary craftsman. Partly because of the almost perfect preservation, partly because of some variations on the Naruko style. It is indeed easy to see that it belongs to the Naruko school, but it has some very special features. The […]

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The perfect desk

How nice when, full of good intentions, we buy the stationery we need to start over at school or work.Even nicer if we can work in a tidy and functional environment. If space is not a lot, tidiness is even more important… First of all: go vertical! Make use of vertical space by adding shelves […]

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