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The idea is to keep you informed of what is happening with us: in our studio, in our community of artisan shops, in Trieste and in the worlds of art and design.

Little ideas that might intrigue you.

Balcony outdoor collection by HAY

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec design their second outdoor furniture collection for HAY.


A special kokeshi

As soon as we got our hands on this doll, we thought it was by a contemporary craftsman. Partly because of the almost perfect preservation, partly because of some variations on the Naruko style. It is indeed easy to see that it belongs to the Naruko school, but it has some very special features. The […]


The perfect desk

How nice when, full of good intentions, we buy the stationery we need to start over at school or work.Even nicer if we can work in a tidy and functional environment. If space is not a lot, tidiness is even more important… First of all: go vertical! Make use of vertical space by adding shelves […]


Make it last.

Even the best cutting boards need care if you want them to last…The best way to protect wood is to keep it from getting too wet, but also to keep it from drying out! This sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not, and there’s a magic substance that simultaneously protects against both of these issues: […]


Traditional Kokeshi, love at first sight.

We have always been passionate about turned objects. Those who have been in the store are surely familiar with our collection of rolling pins, or that of mallets. For the past year or so, however, these curious figures have also begun to appear on the shelf. For us it was love at first sight and […]

Pole pole collection

Pole Pole wooden figures

Handmade one by one, each one slightly different from the other, very light, essential, black and white, so smooth as to be velvety, and Japanese too.

Sardinian cutting board hornbeam detail

Vud’s “Sardo” chopping board

A story that starts with a love for Sardinia and its traditions and ends with the desire to carry them on, or rather beyond, with some reading ideas to deepen your knowledge of this beautiful island.


Flettede Fugle, from Denmark with grace.

We are proud to be the first in Italy to show you the adorable paper birds by Flettede Fugle! Here’s is something Asger Holmsted told us about the story of his family, woven for generations with that of paper birds! “The woven paper bird is a traditional Danish Christmas decoration with a modern twist. The […]


Our components: desks, sideboards, modular equipped walls.

Modular, customizable, minimal construction. We have designed a system of accessories that consists of bookcases, desks, sideboards, but also bathroom furniture, shoe racks, or whatever you can imagine looking at these simple structures. Adapt them to your needs, it’s up to you! The idea comes obviously from the ladder, with 2,5 m uprights standing on […]