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Simple, solid and distinctive

Our tables are a recipe of five ingredients: solid wood, joints, glue, paint and care. Not a single screw. Because using traditional techniques is not contradicted by a simple, contemporary design.

And that hole in the corner is nice and companionable: everyone will want to sit next to it!

The heart of our homes

Our tables are pieces of home that you can become attached to, that can be passed down through generations.
They transcend trends precisely because they are “table-tables,” going beyond the latest trend.
Wood helps us with its ability to acquire charm as time passes.

A table that lasts a lifetime

Tables represent our way of being and relating to others.
Suitable for any use you’ll want to make of them, they stylishly furnish the kitchen, living room, dining room.
We prefer narrow, at kissing distance wooden tables, so we offer sizes to start with, which are customizable to your needs.