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Our components: desks, sideboards, modular equipped walls.

Modular, customizable, minimal construction. We have designed a system of accessories that consists of bookcases, desks, sideboards, but also bathroom furniture, shoe racks, or whatever you can imagine looking at these simple structures. Adapt them to your needs, it’s up to you!

The idea comes obviously from the ladder, with 2,5 m uprights standing on the floor and leaning on the wall, fixed in just two points. The shelfs, desks or boxes are fixed to the uprights with large brass screws, that’s all.

This gray elm sideboard is the first we produced and it has made us understand the potential of the project. In addition to the parallelepiped at the bottom, it includes a small shelf and two rods for hanging tea towels or ladles and other kitchen utensils.

After the sideboard, the desk with bookcase was born, simply by trying to invert the volumes. Here a 100x60cm top is surmounted by the containing parallelepiped.

We have some standard sizes, modules of 100-70-50 and 40 cm, but everything is adaptable to your needs.

For example, for this bookcase / desk, the request was to have a closed part with doors, drawers, and a rounded part of the top, in order to open the door more easily.

We have also had many requests for student rooms, lately for smart-working stations. A desk with everything you need nearby is certainly helping concentration and allows you to have your own space to manage.

The last born? The size of the parallelepiped is perfect for vinyls, so a slightly retro cabinet in rosewood has emerged from the workshop: just perfect for showing off your James Last record collection. There can also be room for a turntable, amplifier and two small speakers.

Obviously we are always listening for your requests: we are waiting for some of you to inspire us and bring out some new compositions!

Here our contacts, for any question or project.

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