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Flettede Fugle, from Denmark with grace.

We are proud to be the first in Italy to show you the adorable paper birds by Flettede Fugle!

Here’s is something Asger Holmsted told us about the story of his family, woven for generations with that of paper birds!

“The woven paper bird is a traditional Danish Christmas decoration with a modern twist. The idea of weaving paper decorations was invented by the world-famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen in the 1860s.

100 years later the woven paper birds was created by the Danish Architect, Henning Holmsted.

He had a skilled hand for drawing and paper cutting.

In 1960, he combined these skills with his interest in birds, and created the first woven paper bird.

Over three generations the Holmsted family has drawn, cut, and woven hundreds of different paper birds.

Lars Holmsted inherited his father’s sharp scissors, and more birds came to life.

Today, his sons also weave birds and so the family tradition flies on.”

Many people weave birds all year round and of course you can do that too… With this package you get everything you need to weave your own bird. However, you will also need a glue stick.

The birds arrive already cut out, it’s just up to you to weave them, add a few dots of glue and hang them on your Christmas tree or wherever your imagination indicates…

The more, the better: start today your collection!

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